All I can remember from that night is the sting of your flogger on my thirsty skin

And the gentle caress of your fingertips soothing my pain

I remember feeling your excitement as you watched me moan in pleasure 

and I can still hear your voice ask: yeah? 

How can such a simple word out of your mouth still make me so wet? 

I remember the heat of your body against mine

The faint smell of cigarettes 

Your short hair brushing my chest before your mouth wrapped around my nipple

My legs trembling, struggling to keep me standing 

The soft skin of your neck against my lips

As you pressed your hungry body against mine

Your little growl encouraging me as I gently pressed my open mouth onto your neck

The subtle taste of sweat in my mouth as I bit the spot just below your ear

Oh, Nothing has ever tasted so good

I remember feeling your pleasure sounds penetrating me where our bodies touched before hearing the low purr escape your throat

I remember watching your eyes sparkle and your lips do their crooked smile, your face glistening with sweat, your body taking control of mine, I remember…

Oh how badly I wanted you to never stop

I remember craving you so hard that an ache deep inside me kept growing tighter 

And then you’d slide your thigh between my legs and I’d melt into you and you’d hold me, you’d hold all of me, wrapping your body around mine 

and in that moment I wanted nothing else in the world but to have you inside of me